The company was formed in 1983 as “Transport Ciężarowy” Andrzej Kozar. At the beginning the company provided transport services and technical support for stage equipment. In the eighties cooperation in the organisation of festivals in Sopot, Opole, Jarocin, Kołobrzeg and of Wszechzwiązkowy Festiwal Piosenki Polskiej in Witebsk, the Ukrainian Song Festival in Kiev, Baltic Country Festival in Karlshamm. Thanks to cooperation with the former “PAGART” we have worked on concert tours in Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, GDR, and Soviet Union of erstwhile stars: Zbigniew Wodecki, Zdzisława Sośnicka, Eleni, Lombard, Alex-Band, Bajm, Demis Rusos, Suzzi Quatro, and Status Quo. After overcoming a difficult situation in the entertainment business at the turn of the eighties and nineties we have decided to modernise our truck fleet, purchase stage equipment and change the company name. Currently Scena-Serwis provides technical support of stage events in the scope of:

  • stage construction,
  • roofing construction,
  • power supply units,
  • heaters,
  • power supply security.

Our current technical facilities as well as experience gained enable us to manage any kind of event. Our employees are efficient, reliable and diligent highly qualified specialists with many years of experience.

Andrzej Kozar